New South Bronx Center (Bronx)

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991 Longwood Avenue
Bronx, NY 10459

Tel: +1 (718) 991 2447
Fax: +1 (718) 991 2589

The New South Bronx Center provides an array of services to the children of the South Bronx Community. Our after school program offers structured activities to participants that stimulates the child’s sensory, motor and cognitive skills. In addition, the PAL New South Bronx Center offers summer camp to participants which follows thematic outline establish by the PAL program committee, These activities lead in to citywide activities such as: Sports day, Carnival Day Family Day, and lastly Cultural Day, which takes place in Pelham Bay Park where all the PAL centers come together to celebrate cultures from around the world. In addition, our youth enjoy cultural excursions to the many museum and cultural institutions in the New York City area.

As part of the educational component, students will participate in supervised homework assistance sessions, prepare for special educational projects and participation in a various city-wide events including creative writing and poetry contests. PAL incorporates thematic based, project-learning experiences that offer children the opportunity to gain insight into various subjects. Academic support services are also available as needed.

In the recreation component, PAL will coordinate recreational and athletic activities that involve individual, team sports and citywide tournaments with appropriate guidance, coaching, technical assistance, and support. Through interaction with participants in recreational activities staff is able to cultivate positive relationships and model appropriate modes of communication and behavior for participants. Additionally, a sense of belonging (to a center and community) is established for participants because they develop a sense of ownership with respect to the program activities.

In the cultural arts component, professionally trained staff will establish an atmosphere that will encourage participation in activities, individual expression, creativity, and exploration. Participants are introduced to artistic mediums that stimulate their curiosity and allow them to experiment with various art forms that include both performing and visual arts.

About This Center

This handicap-accessible full time center offers the following programs: After-School, Summer Day Camp, Evening Teen Centers, Youth Link, OST,



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Rosemarie Cintron