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Each year, teams of volunteers lend a hand at special events to support us in our mission. As a PAL volunteer, you can make a positive impact in the life of a young person by serving as a volunteer coach in our evening teen center, homework help assistant in our after school program, motivational speaker or participate in a beautification project.

We are looking for talented-dedicated volunteers to donate their time to help the 50,000 children we serve throughout New York City.

Volunteers can serve anyone of the following areas:

  • Provide college and career readiness training.
  • Provide internship or vocational opportunities.
  • Assist with homework.
  • Mentor a middle school or high school student.
  • Coach a team.
  • Teach youth about health and wellness.
  • Run a cooking class.
  • Provide tickets to a play.
  • Perform at a local center.
  • Teach an art class.
  • Teach a dance class.
  • Lead a mural project.
PAL Community
  • Serve on a local center Advisory Board.
  • Participate in beautification projects.
  • Bring your professional skills to support our leadership team.
Check out our current volunteer opportunities:
"PAL Connects Summer 2014" 

Fill out the Volunteer application today! For more information contact:

Jasmine Jenkins
Tel: (212) 477-9450 x 393
Fax:(212) 477-0553 (Fax)


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