The New Year at PAL

At the Police Athletic League, the New Year is looking very promising and I want to share what we have in store for PAL kids in 2018.

PAL kids are back in our after-school programs and they are getting ready to explore the theme “Music and Musicians.” Our kids at each center will select a musician whose biography and music style will be explored in the next three months. I think our young people will have a rewarding experience researching a variety of music composed in America – from hip hop to country.

PAL Cops & Kids sports program is launching its basketball season next week. We are grateful that we have dedicated police officers who want to inspire teens as positive role models and mentors through this signature program at PAL.

Another signature program of ours – PAL Girl Talk – is also starting the new year with a new program format. Offered in eight after-school centers, PAL Girl Talk aims to give middle-school girls a safe space to share and learn together. PAL Girl Talk’s success lies in the involvement of female professionals – Women of Inspiration – who serve as guest speakers, sharing their life experiences and engaging in heart-to-heart conversations with our young women. I will give you more updates about PAL Girl Talk in the coming months.

Finally, we are launching PAL Contemporaries with a meet and greet event on Wednesday, January 24th at PAL Duncan Center. It will be an opportunity for early and mid-career New Yorkers to get involved with PAL. Members of PAL Contemporaries will meet to volunteer with PAL kids and organize social events with their peers. To join us on January 24th, please RSVP here. You can learn more about PAL Contemporaries by calling 212-477-9450 ext. 355.

We thank you for supporting PAL’s mission and we look forward to your continued commitment in 2018. We wish you a Happy New Year.


Frederick J. Watts

Executive Director, PAL