Thank you

Dear Friends,

Having been born on Thanksgiving Day many (many) years ago, I have a soft spot for the spirit of generosity and giving during this season. I am reminded that it takes many committed New Yorkers to mentor and inspire young people every day.

Since our founding, PAL has shared a special relationship with the NYPD. For more than a century, police officers have worked closely with our youth, serving as role models and mentors. Amid the positive spotlight on NYPD’s role in keeping New York City residents safe, we also want to acknowledge the police officers’ important role in the lives of PAL youth.

We are especially grateful for the leadership of PAL’s honorary president Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill, and Chief of Community Affairs Bureau Nilda Hofmann. Their leadership ensures that PAL’s partnership with NYPD officers thrives throughout the year. If you want to know more, our Twitter gives regular updates on NYPD’s partnership with PAL.

We also want to thank our supporters - public agencies, institutional funders and individuals like you – you make PAL’s mission possible. This year, we launched PAL Contemporaries for early and mid-career New Yorkers to get more involved with PAL. Within a few months, the PAL Contemporaries have become very engaged. For example, this week, PAL Contemporaries and PAL kids will create Thanksgiving cards together at our Duncan Center. These cards will be distributed to the elderly in a nursing home. You can learn more about PAL Contemporaries by calling 212-477-9450 ext. 355.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all our young people for making PAL their home away from home. Your trust in us and your dedication to be the best you can be is what inspires us every day. Thank you.



Frederick J. Watts

Executive Director, PAL