PAL kids spring forward

Dear Friends,

In about two weeks our children will spend their spring break at PAL holiday camps throughout New York City. Our young people will be busy - putting together science projects, performing their best dance moves, and going on inspirational field trips throughout the week!

One such inspiring trip will be to the Times Square law offices of Proskauer Rose LLP by PAL Girl Talk participants. Our young women will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with the firm’s women with diverse backgrounds and careers in law, finance, IT and marketing.

Also on that week’s schedule is the PAL Showstoppers competition - a citywide event where our young people display pride in their PAL center and community through dance and step. I enjoy this enthusiastic celebration each year because it shows not only the skill and energy of our children, but how much they cherish their time spent at PAL.

In addition, our young people will spend considerable time on their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) experiments that they will demonstrate at the annual PAL Science Fair. I look forward to sharing with you next month, stories of the winners.  

This year, the PAL Science Fair theme is “Kid Tested, Science Approved.” Our young people have been given the autonomy to identify a particular issue, and then decide how to resolve that issue. Once again, it is interesting to see the project ideas that they want to experiment with – topics as wide-ranging as social behaviors, hovercrafts and nutrition – will be explored at the PAL Science Fair.

Our young people will also engage in problem solving and teamwork to address questions from the visitors, including prominent New Yorkers and the media.

I want to take the opportunity to thank our corporate partner Con Edison for supporting STEM initiatives at PAL for more than a decade.

At PAL, we are committed to bringing out the best in our young people. Public and private partners as well as individual supporters like you make this possible. I thank you for your dedication to PAL youth.


Frederick J. Watts

Executive Director, PAL

P.S. Our PAL Contemporaries are hosting the annual Spring Social on Thursday, May 9th. For more information, please visit