Celebrating PAL youth with NYPD

Dear Friends,

The school year is coming to a close and our young people at PAL have much to celebrate at their centers and with the NYPD.

Today, at Police Headquarters, we are celebrating the winners of the “Police Commissioner for the Day” essay competition - a collaboration between the NYPD and PAL. We received more than 400 essays from high school youth who shared their ideas on resolving a critical issue in their neighborhood.

I am proud to announce that a PAL teen from our New South Bronx Center – Beyonce Dennis – is the Police Commissioner for the Day! As she takes over the NYPD today, we know we are in good hands.

Beyonce is an accomplished young person heading to college this year. She also received one of the Robert J. McGuire College Scholarships from PAL last month.

Later this week, we host the annual Junior Police Jamboree for more than 300 PAL youth. The Jamboree celebrates a year of team-building activities and mentoring by NYPD officers. Both PAL Junior Police Club and PAL PLAYSTREETS were established in 1914 – PAL’s founding year.

I am grateful to work with NYPD and supporters like you who are giving our young people a chance to dream big. We all are working together to leave the future of New York City in good hands. Thank you.



Frederick J. Watts

Executive Director