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PS 48

1290 Spofford Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474

Tel: +1 (718) 378 0772
Fax: +1 (718) 378 0338

Located in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx, P.S. 48 is a NYC OST site. Open five days a week, P.S. 48 is also open 20 additional days, typically school holidays, giving the children of P.S. 48 and Hunts Point a place to go. Operating from the confines of a New York City Public School, P.S. 48 offers participants from 1st – 5th grade an array of programs including homework assistance, arts and crafts, low organizational games, sports, Step, and dance.

By engaging elementary aged children, P.S. 48 introduces activities and services that provide the skill set and knowledge base needed to succeed in school and society. The PAL staff of P.S. 48 is attuned to the needs of the families in the Hunts Point community, as well as the needs of the students, parents, and school faculty who directly access their services. Programs and activities are structured based on those needs. The P.S. 48 Center targets youth who are energetic, creative, and eager to learn, but living in households that do not have the means to obtain these activities. Many area children have had limited engagement in arts and cultural activities. Children participating in P.S. 48 afterschool program will leave P.S. 48 with a sense of accomplishment and a better sense of arts and culture. 

Programs Offered
Summer Day Camp

Center Director: Jasmin Brown
Assistant Director: Phillip Reece Jr.
Administrative Assistant: Mariana Mora