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Armory Center

216 Fort Washington Avanue
New York, NY 10032

Phone (212) 927 0306
Fax (212) 927 9364

Open early summer mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends, the Armory Center serves over 400 young people annually from the Washington Heights community. Located in the New Balance Track and Field, it’s situated in a populated building with continuous opportunity for growth.

The Armory is not just a place where young people come to do their homework and pass time but a true testament to youth development and empowerment. The young people of the Armory Center engage in activities including art, dance, technology/ media, homework assistance, and an array of sports and recreation that help their cognitive and social skills. Teens are involved in community service projects, youth summits, and partner with the local police precincts through our Cops & Kids Programs. Being a member of the Armory Center is not just temporary, but a lifelong journey.

Programs Offered
After School    
Saturday Night Lights      
Summer Day Camp
Evening Teen Centers

Center Director: Madeline Esquivel
Assistant Director: Luis Acevedo