PAL Teen Acting

Under the direction of PAL’s Theater Arts Program Manager Brian Hills and with the guidance of  Tony Danza, Emmy-winning actor, and PAL Board Member, PAL Acting offers a pathway through the theater arts for 150 New York City teens to develop skills that will help them succeed in high school, college, and their careers. The stage has the power to transform young lives and help youth make measurable gains in social-emotional skills, academic engagement, college readiness, and workforce readiness.

Through a continuum of year-round theater arts programming, offered in partnership with renowned actors and leading New York City theater companies, PAL Acting benefits a wide range of teens, from those casually interested in acting to those of exceptional talent and motivation who aspire to professional careers in the theater arts. The teens perform in PAL’s annual “Tony and the Stars of Tomorrow” event as well as representing PAL at events sponsored by our corporate partners.  In 2018 the teens also performed at Carnegie Hall and on the Christmas from Rockefeller Center TV special.  Tony says that “when you teach a kid to act you teach a kid how to act” an adage that has proved accurate for the teens in the program.

Brian Hills
Teen Arts Program Manager