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Goldie Maple Academy

365 Beach 57th Street
Arverne, NY 11692

Phone (718) 634 4305
Fax (718) 634 4308

The Goldie Maple Beacon Community Center provides youths, teens, and adults an array of activities. The afterschool program operates daily for students from kindergarten to middle school. Art, dance, homework assistance, Judo, and team sports are just a few of the activities that students benefit from. During the early evening, middle school students and teens can study, play games on the X-Box or Wii, participate in open gym, or just chill and relax with friends. All participants get expert instruction from trained athletic coaches and dance professionals. In addition, intensive sessions for dance, Judo, basketball and Mixed Martial Arts are available for students and adults.

Programs Offered
After School
Summer Day Camp
Evening Teen Centers

Center Director: Jill Moore
Assistant Director: Grace Akinbola
Administrative Assistant: Keshia Ragin