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Michael J. Petrides School

715 Ocean Terrance
Staten Island, NY 10301

Middle School and afterschool program.

Phone (718) 390 0876
Fax (718) 390 0879

The PAL Petrides afterschool center offers children the opportunity to engage in activities that are educational, entertaining, and fun. In our partnership with TASC, we provide special program enhancements like Science Plus, a science program designed for early childhood by scientists, as well as TASC Masters of Literacy, which offers a lending library to children that exposes them to literary classics. TASC has also asked us to provide ushers for their special event at the Time Warner Towers in which dignitaries will be guided through a tour of the world of afterschool. They will discuss the program’s positive impact on their lives and the things they like best about our program.

We also offer a diverse array of services that include homework assistance, fitness training, music appreciation, literacy, art, science, dance, wiffle ball, poetry, drama, and cooking. We participate in citywide competitions in public speaking, spelling, poetry writing, art projects, and a “Tournament of Champions” in which youths compete against other PAL centers in the city.

Programs Offered
After School
Summer Day Camp

Center Director: Shambuy Kala-Kadima
Assistant Director: Stephanie Figueroa
Administrative Assistant: Jasmine Bethea