Mentorship and Advocacy  Program 

The PAL Mentorship and Advocacy Program (MAAP) is a program offered by DYFJ that provides individualized, strength- and advocacy-based wraparound support services for youth aged 12 to 21. The PAL MAAP operates in Brooklyn, in the specific neighborhoods of East New York, Brownsville, and Bedford Stuyvesant. This program is for youth involved in, or at-risk of involvement in, the juvenile or criminal justice system. At-risk youths would include, but not be limited to, youth who exhibit risk factors that would increase the likelihood that the youth will engage in delinquent behaviors such as not attending school on a regular basis or history of suspensions, drug/alcohol use or abuse, association with negative peers, and pattern of family conflict or violence. Each youth is matched with a mentor whose focus is to guide in developing better self-esteem, creating healthy relationships, and making positive life choices.

Youth are referred to MAAP through three various Administration for Children's Services (ACS) programs, Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI), Close to Home and the Family Assistance Program (FAP). For more information on PAL MAPP please contact us.

Jamilah Clark, MSW
Associate Director of Juvenile Justice Services
(917) 232-0825