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3:00p - 6:00p Monday- Friday

After-School is part of the Child Services program.

The goal of PAL After-School is to make a positive difference in the academic success and in the artistic, recreational and social development of 1st - 8th grade children. It was created with best practice research on after-school programming using a framework of principles considered critical to a successful program. These principles include emphasizing learning as the central mission of the program; use of professional staff; small group instruction with high staff to child ratio; providing a safe, secure, adult supervised environment; emphasizing parental involvement; strong collaboration with local schools and the community. The PAL After-School program has three components: 1) PAL SMARTS – Academic Enrichment 2) PAL ARTS - Arts Learning and 3) PAL FIT - Fitness/Wellness and Health.

PAL Smarts

PAL Smarts, an academic enrichment component of PAL After School, is designed to enhance the academic performance of youth by engaging them in educational, cultural and recreational activities that compliment lessons and concepts taught in school. Held in small group settings, PAL Smarts use homework assistance to identify academic strengths and weaknesses. Special projects include citywide essay contests, monthly workshops, and events that encourage parental involvement.

PAL Arts

PAL Arts, an arts learning component, provides sequential arts instruction taught by professional artists-in-residence, who guide students through the exploration of visual and performing arts. Utilizing experiential education techniques, PAL Arts allows youth the opportunity to develop real and measurable skills in a chosen artistic discipline. Students are introduced to the basics of drawing and painting, instrumental music, dance, performance poetry, and theater arts.


PAL Fit, a wellness and health component, is a nutrition intervention initiative that was created to empower youth with the knowledge and life skills needed to lead healthy and active lives. Integrating academic subjects such as math and science into a fitness and nutrition curriculum, PAL Fit includes three components---physical fitness, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition---all of which are addressed within the broader context of the family, community and socioeconomic circumstances.

PAL Kids Special Events

Each year, over 2,700 children from our full-time centers citywide are given the opportunity to participate or compete in several academic, arts and fitness events on both a local (center) and citywide level. Events are designed to stimulate learning, cooperation, camaraderie, self-expression, self-esteem and sportsmanship through a variety of fun and exciting activities. While helping children identify and develop their talents and artistic abilities, PAL Kids Events offer young people memorable opportunities  to showcase their talents and be recognized for their achievements. Events are an integral part of the PAL After School and Summer Day Camp programs and help children gain a sense of pride for their centers and communities. PAL Kids Events reflect PAL’s rich history and traditions. PAL Kids Events include:

  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood Art Contest
  • Tell It Like It Is Public Speaking Contest
  • Tournament of Champions
  • Family Stories Essay Contest
  • Spring Poetry Jam Contest
  • Showstoppers
  • Cultural Day Festival
  • PAL Olympics
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